Have you ever wondered how you can identify the model year of a Suzuki motorcycle or ATV?

Suzuki assigns a year letter code to the end of each model name. Perhaps you’ve noticed this letter designation in your Suzuki repair manual or owners manual but weren’t sure what it meant.

Here’s how it works: If you own a 1999 Suzuki GSX-R1000 X or a GSX-R600X etc the X at the end tells us it was sold as a 1999 model year. The year of manufacture is not necessarily the model year. Usually around October the new models are released, so it’s possible to have a built date of say 10/98 and have an X (1999) model even though it was built in 1998.

You might notice that “I”, “O”, “Q”, “U” and “Z” are missing from the codes. The letters I, O & U cannot be used in a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) at all. The digit / number 0 and letters U & Z are not used in the year model code.

In ascending order, the ISO and Suzuki year code letter designations are as follows

Suzuki Model Year Codes

Keep in mind that the cycle of A to Y, 1 to 9 will repeat itself every 30 years.

1 1980 A T 2000 Y Y 2020 L M0
2 1981 B X 2001 1 K1 2021 M M1
3 1982 C Z 2002 2 K2 2022 N M2
4 1983 D D 2003 3 K3 2023 P M3
5 1984 E E 2004 4 K4 2024 R M4
6 1985 F F 2005 5 K5 2025 S M5
7 1986 G G 2006 6 K6 2026 T M6
8 1987 H H 2007 7 K7 2027 V M7
9 1988 J J 2008 8 K8 2028 W M8
10 1989 K K 2009 9 K9 2029 X M9

Have you ever wondered what the little white sticker on the steering head means? It also appears in brochures, spare parts or maintenance manuals. Here is a list of the country codes that characterize equipment variants of the Suzuki motorcycles for the respective markets.

Suzuki Country Codes

E-00 Japan (National Market)
E-01 General market (No. 1)
E-02, P-02 United Kingdom (UK)
E-03 USA (except California)
E-04, P-04 France
E-05 Africa
E-06 South Africa
E-07 Middle & Near East - Bahrain
E-08 Malaysia
E-09 Central & South America - Columbia
E-10 Colombia - Chile
E-11 General market (No. 2)
E-12 Indonesia
E-13 South East Asia
E-14 Thailand
E-15 Finland
E-16 Norway
E-17 Sweden
E-18 Switzerland
E-19 Europe (EU)
E-20 Cyprus
E-21 Belgium
E-22, P-22 Germany (West)
E-23 East Cameroon
E-24 Australia
E-25 Netherlands
E-26, P-26 Denmark
E-27 New Zealand
E-28 Canada
E-29 Portugal
E-30 Singapore
E-31 Philippines
E-32 Nigeria
E-33 USA, California
E-34, P-34 Italy
E-35 Hong Kong
E-36 Bangladesh
E-37, P-37 Brazil
E-38 Taiwan
E-39, P-39 Austria
E-40 Costa Rica
E-41 Greece
E-42 Pakistan
E-43 Saudi Arabia
E-44 Argentina - Morocco
E-45 Egypt
E-46 Canary Islands
E-47 United Arab Emirates
E-48 Argentina
E-49 Papua New Guinea - south east island
E-50 China
E-51 Korea
E-52 Sri Lanka
E-53, P-53 Spain
E-54 Israel
E-55 Oman
E-56 New Caledonia
E-57 Malta
E-58 Yemen (S)
E-59 Jordan
E-60 Puerto Rico
E-61 Central & South America
E-62 Dominican Republic
E-63 U.S.A. (No. 3) / Hawaii
E-64 Uruguay
E-65 Czech Republic / Slovakia
E-66 Hungary
E-67 Former Republic of Yugoslavia
E-68 Ireland
E-69 Yemen (N)
E-70 Germany (East)
E-72 Ecuador
E-74 India
E-75 United Kingdom (UK), South Africa, Australia - ECE1 (E-02, E-06, E-24)
E-76 Sweden, Germany (West), Austria - ECE2 (E-17, E-22, E-39)
E-77 Finland, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, United States - Spain - ECE3 (E-15, E-16, E-17, E-21, E-25, E-39, E-53)
E-78 Finland, Norway, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Spain - ECE4 (E-15, E-16, E-21, E-25, E-34, E-53)
E-79 Norway, Belgium, Spain - ECE5 (E-16, E-21, E-53)
E-81 Kenya
E-86 Syria
E-87 Turkey
E-89 East Europe
E-90 Former Soviet Republic
E-91 Iran
E-92 Paraguay
E-93 Trinidad Tobago
E-94 Barbados
E-95 Venezuela
E-96 Peru
E-97 Guatemala
E-98 Iceland



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